What is Game On Fond du Lac?

Game On is a Gaming Center located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  We have over 50 stations of Gaming PC’s, Xbox, PS4, Switch, NES and Atari in a 6000+ sq. ft. facility.  Game On has a fiber internet connection thus providing the fastest game play possible. We also have an Esports Arena with seating for 50+ people that use for a variety of entertainment/educational programs.

What games can I play?

For a complete list of games, please visit Our Games Page. We are adding new games all the time!

Exactly how does it work?

When you arrive at Game On, you will need to decide how long you want to play (1 hr, 3 hr or whatever) and what equipment you want to play on (Xbox/PS4/Switch/PC). If it is your first time visiting, we ask that you sign in as it’s nice to know who is visiting us. We will then get you settled in on your piece of equipment. If for example, you want to play on an Xbox, you are welcomed to play any game loaded on that console. If you are playing for just an hour, we ask that you stay on that equipment for the full hour. If you purchase multiple hours, then you can try other stuff out a bit. Our record in the past is 4 different pieces of equipment in 20 minutes – which keeps are staff hopping – so thus the reason for the 1 hour rule now.

Can I play with my own accounts?

Yes. But make sure to know your login information before you stop by as it will assist with getting you playing games a lot faster. We see a lot of gamers taking pictures of their login info at home so that they have the correct info for sure when they get here.

Can I bring my own peripherals and equipment?

Why yes, you can bring your own even though you don’t need to. Game On has everything you need to play but we know how it is – you like your stuff better.

What happens to login info if I login there?

If you login on a console, you or we need to remove your account after you are done playing to protect your personal info. If you login on a PC, ever time the PC reboots, it pulls in a new fresh master image so your info does not remain on the PC.

For Parents

Do parents have to stay?

Of course we always like to see some parents so we have some adults to talk to, but we more than understand that sitting around watching your kids play video games sometimes can be like watching paint dry. Or grass grow. So, no, parents do not need to stay but are more than welcomed to hang out. We have plenty of places to sit and wireless is always available. Password is on the walls. We also have some old school NES and Atari if you want to take a trip down memory lane and sometimes we are showing movies and stuff in the Esports Arena (which has 20 recliners).

How old does one have to be to be left alone at Game On?

We don’t have a certain age. Typically, about 10 year olds or so are being allowed to stay on their own. Sometimes a little younger if they are with an older sibling. As long as they feel comfortable with being left on their own they should be fine.

Is Game On safe?

Yes. This is NOT like an old school game room. We have ADT security running 24/7 and Tim, the owner, was formerly in the military so there isn’t much monkey business allowed. We allow a little of course, but there is a limit. And Tim has no problem letting them know when they have reached the limit.

Does Game On monitor internet activity?

Even though we have certain safe guards in place, it is next to impossible to block every bad thing on the internet and still be able to operate an effective gaming center. Please keep in mind we are not a daycare or babysitting service. We are a gaming center where all ages and types of people can play. If you have a child that you are worried might do bad things here, then you should stay and keep an eye on them. It is not feasible for us to watch over the shoulders of every customer that comes in. But to our knowledge, we have had zero problems to date.

Is there food and drink at Game On?

We do have fully stocked drink and snack machines with a variety of items. We also have snackables, yogurt and nachos with cheese. Guests are welcomed to bring in food. Popular options are A&W across the street, Little Caesars or having food delivered (Jimmy Johns). We ask that all food brought in be eaten at the big table we have available. No outside food is allowed by the Gaming PC’s or Consoles. We are fine with drinks and snacks sold by Game On being by the equipment in cup holders.

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