Need to raise funds
for your organization?


Tired of the doing the same
thing year after year?


At Game On, let us help you create something new and exciting that will get everybody interested and involved – young or old.


Below are some ideas of what we can do at Game On, but we are not limited to these. If you have a different idea, just ask! You can also run multiple things at once. For example a Gaming Event (for gamers) and a Team Trivia (for non-gamers).


Our 6,000 sq. ft. facility can give you at unique event with all kinds of possibilities!


Ideas for Fundraisers


Gaming Event (Fun)

Have a bunch of gamers that want to just come out, have some fun playing and raise funds for your organization? Then this is for you. Normally, you can have 2 hour blocks of time for each gaming session and ask for a donation of $20.00. We can seat up to 50 gamers at any given time.


Gaming Tournament (Competitive)

Want to step it up and make it competitive? We can help organize and run a tournament for a specific game of our choosing. Prizes can be provided to the top teams. Normally, we determine a point system in advance and then organize 2 hour shifts of game play. Making it competitive can add a little bit more excitement to the event but if you select a single game (like Fortnite) and you have gamers that don’t play Fortnite, you could be limiting yourself a bit.


Team Trivia – Live and In Person

Want to create an exciting live event where teams pit their knowledge against each other for prizes and bragging rights? Register teams and generate trivia questions (we can help). Teams earn points for correct answers. Our Esports Arena makes a perfect venue for this type of event!


Individual Trivia – Online and On Phones

Would you rather have a Battle Royale type of event where it’s every man (or woman) for themself? With the help of modern technology, we can provide competition for up to 100 people at once and they would simply answer questions on their phone to compete which are then display on our 12′ screen.


Organization Coupon

Finding it hard to pick a date and get everybody together at once? We can provide your organization a specially created electronic coupon that you can send out and for each time it is used, your organization would receive a donation. Checks are mailed out the 1st of each month or every $100.00. Email the coupon, text it, post it on your Facebook page. This will be by far the easiest way to earn donations that you have ever done!


What else could be done? Fight Night, Casino Night, Bingo Night, Movie Night


Add-On Ideas: 50/50 Tickets, Raffle Drawings, Food and Beverage, Sponsorships