Parties and Group Events

Party Package - $12 per person

Who’s Having Their Party at Game On?

Only the Coolest Kids, that’s who!
(Thanks to the Coolest Parents)

Imagine the ultimate party for your gamer – where you can sit back, relax and know everyone is having a great time. Playing at Game On is exciting and offers an engaging experience, whether cooperative, leadership/team-building or competitive. We’re the only high-tech facility in the area and we aim to please with this amazingly fun and original gaming concept!

Party for two (2) hours.

Gamers will be able to play all games available on PC, Xbox, PS4 or Switch.

$12 per person Regular Price or $10 per person for Club Member.

Want to play longer? Just add $5 per hour per guest.

Party must be booked in advance to receive this package.

Minimum of 6 paying guests needed to receive free t-shirt.

Party Notes:

  • “Open Party” means other Game On guests will be playing at the same time.
  • The Party Person receives a Game On T-Shirt
  • All gamers receive a coupon for 1 Free Hour of gaming to come and visit us again (value $7)


    Private Gaming Center Rental - includes play for 50

    Private Event in our Gaming Center for two (2) hours. Gamers will be able to play all games available on our Gaming PC’s, Xbox, PS4 or Switch. We have a total of 50 stations. Cost $375 Regular Price, $350 Club Member. Want to play longer? Just add $150 per hour.

    Private Esports Arena Rental - seats up to 50

    Private Event in our Esports Arena for two (2) hours. Guests will be enjoy this private space that includes the ability to show a movie/sports events, stream videos/live content, play trivia games and more on our 12′ screen – just ask! The arena has 20 recliners and a variety of other seat options. Guests can bring their own food/drink. Cost $150 Regular Price, $125 Club Member. Want to stay longer? Just add $50 per hour. Private Parties can be accommodated any day/time of the week.


    What about food and drinks?
    You are more than welcome to bring your own. We have vending machine snacks and beverages available. Parents often let each guest pick a drink from our soda machine – there’s a wide variety to choose from and we’ve installed convenient beverage holders next to each gaming station. If you bring food, we do have some refrigeration/freezer space available. We do have a table and chairs available for you.

    What games does Game On have?
    Our most popular party games are Fortnite, COD, PUBG, Minecraft, Rocket League, Overwatch, Mario Kart and Smash Brothers. If you want to see a complete list, please go to our Games Page

    Can players changes games during the party?
    Heck yea! Each gamer has full control and can exit a game and return to the game menu chooser at any time. So for example when they are playing on an Xbox, they can play any games that are currently loaded.

    Are these parties just for kids?
    No way! A bunch of our reservations are made for teenagers and adults, too. For example: Graduation parties, Boys & Girls Clubs, Bar Mitzvah, Holiday parties, Family Reunions, Company Outings. We have many popular titles that are suitable for all ages.

    Can gamers use their own accounts?
    Yes! If gamers want to login and play with their own accounts, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED they know their login username and password information BEFORE arriving, as that is one thing we cannot assist with. It will make the check-in time a lot easier for everyone involved 🙂

    Call Tim at (920)322-7543 to Book Your Party
    or send me a text message and I’ll call you!

    Got questions?
    You can email us

    Game On Fond du Lac!