Game On’s
Round Robin Fortnite Invitational

Win up to $200 in prizes!

Because of the great success of the last one, Game On is hosting another Fortnite Invitational! Just come in an qualify between Thurs, Feb 7th and Sun, Feb 17th anytime we are open and if you put up one of the best scores in your division, you will receive an invite to the Championships. You can enter as a Duo or Solo. All you need is one good score and you are in it to win it!

Three Divisions – Solos and Duos
Division 1: Elementary/Middle School
Division 2: High School
Division 3: Adults

Qualifier Days:
Thurs, Feb 7th – Sun, Feb 10th and Thurs, Feb 14 – Sun, Feb 17th
You may qualify on any of the days above when we are open.

Top 10 Duos and Top 10 Solos scores from each Division Qualifiers will be invited to the Championships.
Scores will be posted on www.gameonfdl.com on Mon, Feb 11th and Mon, Feb 18th and all
qualifiers will be send message on Mon, Feb 18th

Qualifier Entry Fee:
The cost to enter is just the normal hourly Game Play fee for Qualifying ($7/hr, $17/3 hours, $20/Day Pass). THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL FEE TO ENTER. Limit of one entry per qualifier day. If you submit more than one Qualifying score overall, only the top score will be used. You and/or your duos can only hold one spot at any time in the rankings.

How to Qualify:
All participants must enter at Game On Fond du Lac on at least one (1) of the eight (8) Qualifier days. Participants can can submit a score once per Qualifier day, but only their overall top score will be entered into the Championship. To enter, participants will only pay the normal Game Play fee (which ranges depending on the amount of time you play). You can play as many games as you can during the game play time you purchased. After playing, you will review all your scores by going to “Careers” and then “Replay”. You will pick your highest score for that day and fill out the score form.


Please know your Epic games or Console login information before arriving

Championship Days – $20 Entry Fee:
Sat, Feb 23rd (DUOS) and Sun, Feb 24th (SOLOS)
Division 1:
11am – 2pm Elementary/Middle School

Division 2:
3pm – 6pm High School

Division 3:
7pm – 10pm Adults

Round Robin Elimination – 2 groups of 5, play each gamer in your group once (4 matches), Top 2 move on to semi finals $20 Championship Day Entry Fee includes 3 hours of game play, prizes and a whole lotta fun!

Championship Prizes:

Top K/D = $100.00 Cash
The gamer that has the overall Top K/D average for the invitational will receive $100.00 Cash! K/D will be calculated by adding all of your scores up for the day and dividing by the number of games played.

For example if you had the following scores:
Game 1: 5 points
Game 2: 3 points
Game 3: 0 points
Game 4: 2 points

5 + 3 + 0 + 2 = 10 divided by 4 = 2.5 K/D

Division 1 – Elementary/Middle School
Solo and each Duo winner receives:
1st Place: $50 Game On Gift Card
2nd Place: $25 Game On Gift Card
3rd Place: $15 Game On Gift Card
4th Place: $10 Game On Gift Card

Division 2 – High School
Solo and each Duo winner receives:
1st Place: $50 Cash
2nd Place: $25 Cash
3rd Place: $15 Cash
4th Place: $10 Cash

Division 3 – Adult
Solo and each Duo winner receives:
1st Place: $50 Cash
2nd Place: $25 Cash
3rd Place: $15 Cash
4th Place: $10 Cash

Note: Prizes are based on 10 Solo and 10 Duo participants in each Division actually showing up for Championship competitions. If there are many no shows, prizes may get adjusted.

Everybody that participates in the Championship receives a coupon for one free hour of play (value $7)

Points System:
1 point per Kill and 2 points Battle Royale Winner

For example, if in a match you had 5 kills and finished 1st place, your total points would be:

+ 5 points for 5 kills
+ 2 points for finishing in 1st Place
7 points total

Participants can Qualify on Xbox, PS4, PC or bring your own equipment. All Championship matches will be played on PC in which a keyboard or controller can be used.

Any age is welcome to compete and win.
Each participant must have a valid Fortnite/Epic Games account

Championship Days Administration and Conduct:
All participants must register and be ready to play at least 10 minutes before start time.
Officials will be designated to preside over the Championship and are responsible for enforcing rules.
All participants will be required to uphold and observe a universal level of sportsmanship. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes but is not limited to, racism, use of profanity, rude acts, vulgar acts, acts of belligerence, and disrespect of an Official. It is illegal to intentionally utilize any game exploits for purpose of generating a competitive advantage. Players/Teams agree they will not team with other Players/Teams to gain a competitive advantage.

Tournament Organizer: Tim Luedtke, Owner of Game On

Got Questions? We hopefully got answers. Call or Text 920-322-7543