Fond du Lac Wrestling Club
Fortnite Solo Takedown Tournament
Saturday, April 6th at Game On!

– Help Raise Money for New Singlets –


Entry Fee: only $20.00!


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Shifts Available:
10am – 12noon, 1pm – 3pm, 4pm – 6pm, 7pm – 9pm


Point Scoring System:
5 points per kill
5 points for 10th Place
5 points for 3rd Place
10 points for 1st Place


Top Prizes:
1st Place: $100.00 Cash
2nd Place: $50.00 Game On Gift Card
3rd Place: $25.00 Game On Gift Card


Rules of the Tournament:


Participants should arrive 30 minutes before their shift starts and check in.


Each participant will play for 2 hours.


We will take the scores from your 3 best games and add them together for a combined score.


All participants will play on a Gaming PC using either keyboard or Xbox/PS4 controller. Gamers are welcomed to bring their own headphones, controllers, keyboards or mice to use.


For the sake of speed and to lessen the confusion for the day, all gamers will play with a Epic Games house account.


Other Happenings that Day:


The Esports Arena will be open all day for parents and participants to hang out in. This area has seating for 50, tables and a 12′ screen. We will show a variety of things on the screen that day to help you pass the time.


Yummy Bones BBQ truck will be on premises from 12noon – 7pm serving Yummy sandwiches.


Tim Luedtke
Owner of Game On
Peter Feldner
Fond du Lac Wrestling Club

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